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As I stare back at the evolution of my work I can't avoid noticing a reference to my own life experiences. My paintings and series, as fruits of the memories and emotions that have clung to my consciousness, are visual magnifications of my journey through nostalgia, fear, trauma, loss, love, and loneliness. In my pursuit of mirroring these feelings in painting, I find myself portraying androgynous, animalistic beings such as wolves and baboons. The transparency and spaciousness around my subject are what give my works a sense of void and timelessness.

My paintings are oil and charcoal on linen and are typically quite large, ranging from 6-8 feet in height & width.




Pandora Castelli was born in 1967, in New York City. The daughter of American playwright Lorees Yerby and French producer Bertrand Castelli, best known for the rock musical Hair, Pandora was born into the rich color of an artistic family in 1960’s.

Raised in Naples, Italy, she began her artistic self- taught explorations upon her return to New York City in 1986. With the encouragement of the French painter Francoise Gilot she completed her first two series "The Reawakening Of Caino", and "The City of Miracles And Crimes", works inspired by the city of Naples. She has been a professional artist ever since. Since the ‘90s her work has been shown in galleries in New York (Art et Industrie, Athena Fine Arts, The White Gallery), the United States (The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA), Europe, China, and Mexico.

Ms. Castelli's work is included in major private collections in Italy (the Collezione Girefin & Dalla Chiesa collections), France (the Ladreit De La Charriere collections), and the USA (the Gilot & the Michael Palm Estate collections).




2019 The HUB Center fir the Arts Gallery, Group Show, New York, New York

2016 Accademia di Belli Arti, Macerata, Italy

2013 Festival Francescano, Group Show Collezione Girefin, Rimini, Italy

2012 Gallery, Beijing ,China

2010 Brooklyn Artist Gym, Beast, Group Show, New York, New York

2009 Opaque Gallery, Homeos, New York, New York

2005 Galeria Amarte, Group Show, Cancun, Mexico

1997 The Lowe Gallery, Circus of the Simple Minded, Atlanta, Georgia

1996 Art et Industrie, Circus of the Simple Minded, New York, New York

1994 Athena Fine Arts, At Times One Thought Is The Anchor of the Other, New York, New York

1993 The White Gallery, The Asylum, New York, New York

1992 Athens Fine Arts, The Reawakening of Caino 2, New York, New York

1991 The Yoakum Estate, The Reawakening of Caino 1, Vista, California




1997 Architektur & Wohnen Dezember/Januar

1997 Wohnen, Heft 6/97 Dezember/Januar


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